All photography provided by coupe de champagne and Prevoteau-Perrier

coupe de champagne is the exclusive importer of Prevoteau-Perrier champagne in the United Kingdom.


Our organisation

coupe de champagne was launched by Laura and David Peterson-Eurin in London, to share their love of champagne with family and friends. David's family had been ordering from Prevoteau-Perrier since the mid-1940s, when the Champagne house was established by Mr Prevoteau and his wife Alice Perrier.

Laura and David share our love for well-crafted, quality champagne. The relationship between our families goes back three generations.
— Delphine Prevoteau-Boudard, Prevoteau-Perrier House

What We do

  • Exclusively import Prevoteau-Perrier (PP) champagne to the UK
  • Distribute and commercialise champagne in the UK
  • Organise wine-tasting events, presenting the seven kinds of Prevoteau-Perrier Champagne
  • Support fund-raising events by organising Champagne cash bars
  • Collaborate with premium events, such as PP Champagne cash bars for piano concerts 
  • Share our love for champagne with family, friends and our clients